2019 Annual Hospice & End of Life Care Awards


Each year, The Carolina Center awards talented and dedicated hospice professionals and volunteers across the Carolinas for their leadership, passion and excellence. If you work with someone who fits the description of any of our 8 awards, we want to know!

Submit your nomination by July 25, 2019, so that your staff member and hospice can be recognized at our 43rd Annual Conference in Greenville, South Carolina, on Monday, September 9, 2019.

New this year: Palliative Care Innovations Award!

This award is designed to recognize the contributions of health care organizations and/or health care professionals who have launched innovative palliative care education programs or care delivery models that enhance the care provided to patients and their caregivers living with an advanced or serious illness.
Nominees must show:

• Evidence of leadership in implementing collaborative palliative care programs related to advance care planning within your community that has proven successful outcomes by using innovative methods. (work with community stake holder consumer organizations, faith communities, civic groups, etc.).

• Publication of palliative care research or grant awards that demonstrate evidence of increased access for patients and caregivers to palliative care services and/or education.

• Demonstration of innovative partnerships that enhance clinical outcomes for palliative care patients and their families. (work with primary care physicians, APRNS, hospitals, etc.).

Learn More & Nominate a Colleague Here.