Four staff members possess a combined 50 years' experience in hospice and palliative care, plus an additional 30+ years in healthcare and non-profit management and leadership. We know what we're doing, and we are responsive to your needs!

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Yesha Bell | Education & Events Coordinator

Yesha (pronounced Ēsha) Bell, CEM, has served as Education Coordinator for TCC since 2013.  She brings 11 years’ experience with a non-profit technical and educational association, and a for profit event management company.  Her certification is in Exhibition Management. Yesha spends her time developing and coordinating virtual and face-to-face educational events that are pertinent and contribute value to the work of hospice and palliative care staff members.


Marisette Hasan | Vice President, SC Programs

Marisette Hasan, RN, BSN, began her role as Vice President for SC Operations in 2014 following a career in healthcare and hospice. As an oncology nurse in 1981, she soon discovered a love for caring for her patients in a holistic manner and throughout the continuum of their illness. Hospice was a perfect fit. Marisette’s hospice experience began in 1985 and she has served in various roles, from nurse to administrator, with hospital programs, independent community programs, and for-profit as well as non-profit agencies. She has also served on the TCC Board of Directors. Marisette works hand in hand with hospice and palliative care providers, helping them maintain relevance in a changing environment and engage in collaborative partnerships to advance hospice and palliative care in South Carolina.


Carol Meyer | President/CEO

Carol Meyer is President/CEO of The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care. Having joined The Carolinas Center in 2014, Carol brings more than 20 years of nonprofit and association experience to TCC, after most recently leading an environmental science and data consortium for more than a decade. Carol's professional interests include introducing technology solutions into the workplace and ensuring TCC's members have a voice in their association. Carol resides in Raleigh with her husband, 4 children and the family zoo.


Marsha Van Hecke | Manager of Communication and Member Services

Marsha Van Hecke joined the TCC staff in 2015 as Manager of Communications and Member Services. She has 25 years’ experience in the hospice, healthcare and non-profit sectors, having most recently spent 13 years with a hospice and palliative care provider that serves North and South Carolina. Marsha understands the hospice and palliative care world from the inside, out, and looks forward to working together with members to support their efforts to better serve their communities. Marsha and her husband live in an empty nest in Tryon, but she can often be found in Cary and Columbia and in cities and towns beyond and in between visiting with member hospices.