Call for Proposals


The Carolinas Center is a comprehensive resource that works to improve hospice, palliative, and end of life care by promoting recognition of the dying process and death as a natural part of life. It is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and its members include an extensive network of hospice and palliative care providers in North and South Carolina, as well as business, organizations and individuals who are interested in the development and growth of hospice and end of life resources and services.

As part of our effort to provide exceptional educational programs to the health care community, The Carolinas Center’s Education Committee invites proposals that focus on trending issues facing clinical and non-clinical team members. Proposals are invited for presentations, workshops and demonstrations of best practices and emerging issues for our annual conference, free-standing workshops, audio conferences and webinars.


Yesha Bell, CEM
Phone: 919.459.5382

About the Proposals

Proposals will be reviewed by Yesha Bell and The Carolinas Center's Education Committee--a group of your peers. Reviewers will evaluate the proposals using the following guidelines and are requested to rate and comment on each proposal’s:

  • Practical application of material
  • Relevance to the hospice and end of life care industries
  • Timely or innovative topics
  • Clearly identified objectives
  • Presentation level (preference will be given to intermediate and advanced level topics)
  • Expertise of presenter
  • Potential interest to the audience

  • All proposals should be free of commercial bias and references to commercial products or services. All selected presenters are required to disclose the existence of any vested interest with a sponsor of any commercial product or service that is directly or indirectly related to the educational presentation.


    Application Form:
    To be considered, proposals much be submitted through our online submission form, located in the Required Forms box below. If you are submitting more than one proposal, please submit a separate application form for each workshop proposal.

    Outline with Time Frame:
    Use the Educational Planning Table to outline the topics that will be covered, how much time will be allocated for each (total time should equal time selected in presentation format), teaching methods (lecture, discussion, and/or panel presentation, etc.), the name of the presenter for each portion of the outline, and the method you will use to evaluate the workshop (i.e., discussion relevant to content, written test, observation, etc.) Learning Outcome is not a learning objective; this should be based on the desired state and you should have multiple learning outcomes--limited to what can be realistically accomplished during your presentation.

    Conflict of Interest/Biographical Data Form:

    Each approved presenter must complete this form, which will be sent to presenters after they are approved.

    Required Forms
    Online Educational Planning Table (online form)
    Conflict of Interest/ Biographical Data This form will be sent to approved presenters to complete.
    Presenter/Center Relationship

    By submitting a presentation proposal, the applicant is aware of his/her obligations as a presenter.

    The Carolinas Center will offer a 50% discount on the Annual Conference registration fee (excluding pre-conferences) FOR THE PRIMARY PRESENTER ONLY, provided they attend the entire conference. The Carolinas Center does not pay an honorarium or reimburse presenters responding to the Call for Proposals for hotel, travel, or per diem expenses. As noted, each proposal must designate only one primary presenter.

    Participants expect to have handouts to aid in note-taking during the presentation and for future reference. A slide presentation with graphics and a colored background may be used during the live presentation. However, a presentation with a white background must be submitted for The Carolinas Center to review for content and for use in developing handouts. Choose a font size that is readable when slide size is reduced for handouts. Other non-slide handouts need to be readable and provide some room for note taking. The Carolinas Center will provide Annual Conference registrants with electronic copies of all handouts that are received by the deadline set in presenter correspondence. An electronic copy of the handout must be submitted in order for copies to be supplied. If the deadline is not met for live conferences, copies and the cost of copies will be the responsibility of the presenter. Each presenter is responsible for bringing a copy of their presentation on a flash drive to the meeting for use during the session.