Gaston Hospice

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Vidant FM Photo
–Long-time Gaston Hospice volunteer Kitty Johnson spends time with a patient at Robin Johnson House.


    Gaston Hospice was established to make the hospice concept of care available to
    everyone in our community. Since 1981, we have helped thousands of terminally
    ill patients improve their quality of life in their final months, weeks and days in a
    comfortable, caring setting.

    At Gaston Hospice, we believe that everyone has lived a life worth celebrating; a life
    filled with joy and tears, triumphs and disappointments, friends, family and loved ones.
    We believe that no life story is complete until its end, and that every individual should
    have the opportunity to complete his or her story with dignity and grace.

    Our goal is to help our patients live their last days as comfortably as possible,
    surrounded by family, friends and caregivers. Because each story has a beginning and
    an ending and we are Gaston Hospice.

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