The Carolinas Center's New Strategic Direction


The Carolinas Center’s Board of Directors has set the organization on an exciting new strategic course. As a result, we are rebranding with a new name and image that more accurately reflects our mission and the work we do on your behalf.

The strength of The Carolinas Center is rooted in our newly adopted mission: “Promoting excellence in care of people living with advanced illness through high quality palliative, hospice and end of life care”. In order to ensure that all people with advanced illness will have access to high-quality palliative, hospice, and end of life care, we continue our commitment to serve as a trusted partner in end-of-life education, advocacy and relevant support.

As The Carolinas Center has grown in both reach and influence, our goal has remained constant since our founding in the 1970s, and the principles that are most important to us remain the same. Our growth is spurred by our drive to continually anticipate the developing needs of the individuals and organizations that care for people facing advanced illness. We have evolved along with our environment and the progressive needs of those we serve.

Your current board of directors advocated for a new name and image to better reflect The Carolinas Center of today and the organization we will become tomorrow. As a trusted and valued member or partner, you are among those we wanted to share the news with first of our evolved name and logo. The adopted name of our association is now The Carolinas Center (TCC).

Shortening the name to The Carolinas Center reflects the Center’s adapting and broadening role in advanced illness and end of life care. It speaks to the Center’s dedication to innovation and leadership, both key service pillars for TCC. Our name and logo are important indicators of who we are and what we deliver, and strengthen our ability to communicate our tremendous impact on our members and their competitive advantage.

At the same time TCC is also taking the opportunity to evolve our web site into a more focused educational, conversational and collaborative tool. With the launch of our web site today, you will find an upgraded dedication to educational content and relevant blog posts, all geared at keeping our members up to date on the latest industry news, changes in the industry, and ways to work together to make an impact and generate discussions around new ideas. Please visit our new public site at Our new-and-improved “Members Only” site will be launched very soon, and you’ll be the first to know when that happens.

As always, The Carolinas Center staff look forward to partnering with you to more fully live our mission of advancing quality end of life care and advocating for progressive public policy through dynamic leadership, collaborative activities and effective communication strategies.

Rebranding will allow us to connect those we serve to the real strength of our organization. And, most importantly, it will more effectively tell our story of proactive advocacy, representation, unrivaled educational programs and a track record of real success in protecting our members’ ability to fulfill their missions.

After all, you are the reason we are here.


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