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Remember when doctors made house calls? At Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro (HPCG), they still do. Visiting patients in their home is often the physician’s favorite part of the day. Getting to the doctor’s office can be a problem for some patients. If they cannot get to the doctor, they cannot get the necessary assessment and treatment.

HPCG treats patients wherever they call home — a residence, nursing home or assisted living facility. In the home, the interdisciplinary team is in the patient’s domain. Team members paint a vivid picture of the patient and how each member of the interdisciplinary team is part of the continuum of care. It is a different type of medicine and a true collaboration with shared decision making. Hospice is about more than patient care. A cure may no longer be the patient’s goal, but HPCG works to provide healing to the mind and spirit.


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