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Join The Carolinas Center to stay on top of the rapidly changing world of health care. As the longstanding leader for hospices throughout the Carolinas, our resources are devoted exclusively to serving hospice and palliative care members. The Carolinas Center is committed to being your voice through leadership and innovation and by making a positive impact on policy, practice, and a sustainable future for its members.

Your membership dues and participation contribute to The Carolinas Center’s ability to work effectively on your behalf, helping you help every community across the Carolinas live well and die with dignity.

Membership Levels

Membership levels are designed to fit varying levels of interest, participation and benefits, and are outlined below.  If you have questions after reviewing, we invite you to submit a Member Inquiry Form.

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Hospice Provider Membership
This category is reserved for hospices that serve patients in North Carolina, South Carolina, or both Carolinas, and includes a Palliative Care Membership.

We invite you to review our Member Benefits & Value, complete the Membership Application & Renewal Form and contact us if you have any questions.

Palliative Care Membership
This level of membership is open to any healthcare provider currently operating or developing a palliative care program, and to all partners in the provision of palliative care.

Palliative Care Membership Information Form

Associate Membership

There are Basic and Enhanced levels of associate membership.

Associate Member - $350

This category of membership is available to partner organizations, vendors and consultants who have a working interest in the many and varied aspects of end of life concerns..

Discount exhibit space for all TCC events

Discount on TCC education offerings

Education & News of Note Newsletters

Opportunity to participate in the TCC Affinity Program

Associate Partner - $525

For payers, associations, SNF, ALFs, pharmacy benefit managers, funeral homes, durable medical equipment, industry consultants, etc.

Free copy of the annual data and trends report

Access to two member interest group meetings

Discount on TCC education offerings

Opportunity to network with senior level leaders in hospice and palliative care

Access to Hospice Report & News of Note Newsletters

Company name listed on TCC’s website

Opportunity to participate in the TCC Affinity Program

Associate Member Form
Individual Membership
This is a cost-effective way to stay connected to the people and organizations who are providing hospice and palliative care in the Carolinas.

Individual Membership Application