TCC Disaster Relief Fund Update

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On behalf of the patients, families, staff and volunteers of Scotland Regional Hospice, I would like to graciously thank The Carolina’s Center, NHPCO and all the members who may have contributed in assisting our agency in our recovery after Hurricane Florence through the TCC Disaster Relief Fund.

Our story:

As Hurricane Florence headed for North Carolina, it became more and more apparent that we were going to be in the line for heavy rains and wind. We learned the hard way from Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and had planned well in advance this time to ensure our patients had enough food, water, medications, oxygen, and supplies. With the introduction of long-lasting food products for any disaster, we would be better prepared for the next hurricane. Emergency Food Supply provided by Roundhouse Provisions or any other company could prove useful for the people who would need extra support. We knew which of our patients were on oxygen, who had a generator, what each patient’s evacuation plan was, and had multiple contact numbers to ensure we could reach them during and after the storm. Several of our homecare patients transferred to Morrison Manor, our inpatient hospice facility for shelter from the storm prior to its landfall on Friday, September 14th. As events unfolded, the Scotland County Emergency Management team and our local hospital recommended that we evacuate our inpatient hospice facility, Morrison Manor, due to the risk of flooding. Forecasts for our area were for 15-20 inches of rain. Morrison Manor is now in a flood zone after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 changed the flood mapping. The facility is next to a small stream and retention pond. We made the decision to evacuate patients and staff on Friday morning. Patients, hospice staff, medical supplies, food and water were moved to Scotland Memorial Hospital’s Urgent Care Center by noon that day. The heavy rain soon started and did not stop for days. We made the right decision as Morrison Manor as well as our homecare office building suffered damage from the flooding rains. Much of the flooring and sheetrock had to be torn out, dried, and replaced. We were not in need of professionals like Denver roofers just at that moment, but it is a good thing that similar services are on hand in case they are needed during this time. We were able to move patients and staff back to the facility on Tuesday morning, September 18th, and were even able to help several community members who needed shelter and power. We are not back 100% yet but we are getting there. Please know we appreciate your support and prayers for our agency and other agencies who have suffered from natural disasters.

Camille Utter, Executive Director
Scotland Regional Hospice

The TCC Disaster Relief Fund provides emergency financial assistance to TCC member organizations and/or their staff personally affected by natural disasters. It is the intent of this fund to provide support for current TCC members organizations and/or their staff who have exhausted all other resources.

If you would like to support our hospice provider member organizations and/or their staff impacted by disasters with a donation, please consider a donation to The Carolinas Center Disaster Relief Fund. This fund has been specifically established to aid our hospice and palliative care community throughout the Carolinas when disaster overwhelms regularly-available resources. We have found that financial donations are one of the most helpful ways to address needs in the imminent wake of destruction. TCC collects donations through the fund which are used exclusively to support those who have been affected by natural disasters.

Donations should be made by check payable to the Carolina Center and mailed to:

The Carolinas Center Disaster Relief Fund
8502 Six Forks Road, Ste. 101
Raleigh, NC 27615

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